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Learn More About Our Services

Head's Excavating offer professional excavation work mostly to residential clients but we have been to perform some light commercial jobs as well. Based and operating across Ithaca, NY, we have been the go-to contractor when it comes to plumbing system excavation but that’s not all we are able to do for you! We present you with a detailed list of our services below.

Excavating Contractor

Excavating Contractor

Septic System Excavation

The drainage and the smooth functioning of the plumbing system of your home are subject to a prophylactic septic pump out every now and then. In order to do that, you need a reliable excavating contractor to actually help you get to the septic tank of your property. Failing to do it might result in a flooded property. And that’s a whole аnother story to be dealing with.

Sewer Line Replacement

If you don’t want your property to suffer to damage and to face costly repairs, replacing your sewer line is what you need to do if it has been cracked by growing tree roots or wearing out. Whether you want to repair it or replace it, you will first have to dig your way to it.

Retaining Walls and More Concrete Works

If there is a concrete structure that you’d like to add to your landscape, such as a retaining wall, Head's Excavating can assist you with that. Whether you want to add one for aesthetic purposes or to hold the soil at a specific place on your property, it doesn’t matter. We are here to help!

Pond Excavation

Adding a pond to your house is an unbeatable feature. Undeniable, you can’t just grab a shovel and start digging on your own. It might involve getting a permit and the use of special machinery. We are experienced at operating the heavy equipment that goes behind having one. We’re also there to offer you advice on what the most suitable place for its placement is.

Basement Excavation

Do you want to waterproof your basement? If so, you will need a reliable excavator to dig around the outer perimeter and also get to the very base of the foundation. Basement excavation will also allow you to reinforce it in a different way or make an additional living space possible.

If you want to learn more about our services in Ithaca, NY, please give us a call at (607) 793-0048 today!